Steering Group/ Editors

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) – German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin, Germany

Marcel Dickow: Project Leader and Head of Research Division

Anja Dahlmann: Researcher

Lena Strauß: Project Assistant

Other Members

Peter Asaro

Professor; The New School; New York, USA

Vincent Boulanin

Researcher; Stockholm International Peace Research Institute; Stockholm, Sweden

Thompson Chengeta

European Research Council Fellow on Drone Violence & AI Ethics; University of Southampton; United Kingdom

Denise Garcia

Professor; Northeastern University; Boston, USA

Erin Hahn

Researcher; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Washington D.C., USA

Vadim Kozyulin

Researcher; PIR Center for Policy Studies; Moscow, Russia

Ian MacLeod

Researcher; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Washington D.C., USA

AJung Moon

Assistant Professor; McGill University; Montreal, Canada

Shashank Reddy

formerly: Research Analyst; Carnegie India; New Delhi, India

Heigo Sato

Professor; Takushoku University; Tokyo, Japan

Frank Sauer

Researcher; Universität der Bundeswehr; Munich, Germany

Binxin Zhang (since 2019)

Assistant Professor; Xiamen University Law School; Xiamen, China


Former Members

Liran Antebi

Research Fellow; Institute for National Security Studies; Tel Aviv, Israel

Deane-Peter Baker

Senior Lecturer; University of New South Wales Canberra, Australia

Robin Geiß

Professor; University of Glasgow; Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dong Lin

Researcher; National University of Defense Technology; Changsha, China

David Hyunchul Shim

Professor; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; Daejeon, South Korea

Kelvin Wong

Unmanned Systems Editor; Jane’s International Defence Review; Singapore