Statements at the GGE

iPRAW gave numerous statements during the meetings of the Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on LAWS in Geneva and online.

GGE 1/2022 – March 11th: Statement on Human Control

GGE 1/2022 – March 9th: Statement during informal session on Building Blocks for a Regulation of LAWS and Human Control

GGE 2/2021 – October 1st: Statement on Ethical Considerations with Regard to LAWS

GGE 2/2021 – September 27: Statement on Agenda item 5b (Characterization of the systems under consideration in order to promote a common understanding on concepts and characteristics relevant to the objectives and purposes of the Convention)

GGE 1/2021 – August 5th: Statement on Agenda Item 5e (Possible options for addressing the humanitarian and international security challenges)

GGE 1/2021 – August 13th (informal session): Statement on the Chair’s Guiding Questions in Relation to Building Blocks for the Normative and Operational Framework

GGE 1/2020 – September 23rd: Statement on Agenda Item 5c (Human Element)

GGE 2/2020 – September 22rd: Statement on Agenda Item 5b (Definition of LAWS)

iPRAW’s Commentary on the GGE’s Guiding Principles

GGE 1/2020 - Online Statement by Anja DahlmannGGE 2019 – March 29th: Statement on Agenda Item 5c (Human Control)

GGE 2019 – March 27th: Statement on Agenda Item 5a (National Weapon Reviews)

GGE 1/2018 – April: Statement on Agenda Item 6b (Analytical Framework for Human Control)

GGE 2019 - Online Statement by Marcel Dickow